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  • Bo phát triển mikromedia for Tiva™
  • Giá: Liên hệ
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  • Lượt xem: 2335

Bo phát triển mikromedia for Tiva™  

Swiss Army Knife for Multimedia Developers

It sings and dances

Multimedia modules

Large 320x240 TFT Color Display with Touch Screen and Stereo MP3 Codec chip with great performance give you true power to build full multimedial applications.

It’s really compact

It fits in your pocket

Board is carefully designed and is very compact and handy. We have used the highest quality components and 4-layer PCB to achieve maximum efficiency.

Just plug-in the USB cable

Battery charger on board

Charge your batteries directly from USB port. No additional electronics, or expensive adapters. Just plug-in the cable, and this little board will handle the rest.

Many more megabytes

Enough storage

You can save pictures, sounds and other media files on microSD memory card and 8Mbit Serial Flash Memory and use it in your application.

                Why choose mikromedia?

 This board provides a compact high-quality multimedia development platform for the TM4C123GH6PZ device. It has numerous on-board modules that allow you to write multimedia applications. This board can be used either as a development tool or as a final product.

Compiler support

 Mikromedia for Tiva™ C Series is fully supported by mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal compilers for ARM. Compilers come with dozens of examples that demostrate every feature of the board.



On-board microcontroller is preprogrammed with fast USB HID bootloader, so it’s ready to work right out of the box. You don’t have to spend a dollar more on programmers. If you need a debugger use mikroProg™ for Tiva™.

 Visual TFT

 Easily create fantastic colorful graphical user interfaces (GUI) for mikromedia in VisualTFT software. Even total beginners will be able to create amazing applications.

 Package Contains

mikromedia for Tiva™ C Series is packed in the protective box along with the relevant documentation. This box is very resistant to all kinds of damages and shocks. The package contains:


      Damage resistant                                                       mikromedia for Tiva™ C                                                      USB cable
      protective box                                                        Series board in antistatic bag


      User Manual and                                                                                                                                 DVD with documentation

     Board Schematic                                                                                                                                     and code examples

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