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PLEASE NOTE: Default shipping 5V
• The studio launched an enhanced version of the fourth edition of SIM900A module, has been released, this module without positioning, on-board antenna, can send and receive SMS, GPRS data, transparent transmission, a variety of packages available, free shipping free shipping! ! Pure selling at a loss! ! ! Large dwell
• Onboard a giant tantalum, copper antenna, automatic power circuit, circuit card replacements charged, the headset microphone input and output, the sleep circuit, reset circuit.
About Power
• 5V version: This module supply range 4.5V ~ 5.5V, you can use USB3.0 or 5V switching power supply module for GSM, but remember, do not be greater than 5.5V, otherwise it will burn! ! !
• 4.2V version: This module supply range 3.5V ~ 4.8V, the module can be powered by a lithium battery to, but remember, do not be greater than 4.8V, otherwise it will burn! ! !
About Serial
• This module is TTL level interface, can be directly connected to the MCU, ARM, without conversion devices, and computer links need USB to TTL module to communicate, not with RS232, RS485 and other serial link, the module will burn! !
About Power:
• Shutdown Current: 4mA (reset pin GND connection under circumstances)
• Working Current: 50mA (average)
• Standby current: 20mA (transition 0 ~ 20ma)
• Maximum current: 120ma (registration period)

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